Five Advantages with Hot Air Brush JOYYUM

Five Advantages with Hot Air Brush JOYYUM

Five Advantages with Hot Air Brush JOYYUM

  1. Build lasting shape

By the gear adjustment, hot and cold air switch two buttons and switch indicator light. Among them, 1 low heat, suitable for fine hair; High heat level, suitable for hard and coarse hair. Equipped with 1000W maximum power of hot air, you can more quickly dry wet hair, And cold winds help shape lasting shapes. Such multifunctional design, so that users have more freedom to play space.

  1. Smooth the frayed hair

Hot air brush mainly used to smooth the hair. Especially if you wake up in the morning, press your hair all night, it's always a mess, the regular comb doesn't work? Install a natural hair comb that combines hair blowing and combing. After opening 1 low heat, comb the natural hair from the root to the end of the hair slowly. It takes less than one minute to create a natural and abundant hair.

3. Save time

Short hair also works. Install the hair comb, turn on the indicator light shows a bright blue. Collocation is worn the hot air that spurts out of the ground, the hair with again bristle also can be smoothed easily straight, and need to comb gently only a few times can, the bit won't delay the precious time of the morning.

The used principle that rolls comb greatly is same as on similar, collect blow wind and curl at a suit, use the widen diameter of 40mm, below the power of a heatwave, easily roll can make the natural curl that gives romance, charm.

  1. Constant temperature technology

And it's worth mentioning that, JOYYUM equipped with constant temperature technology, in the rapid heating, the temperature reaches a certain amount, will maintain the balance temperature, will not increase with the increase of time, protect the hair from being scalded.

  1. Anion generator

It is mainly suitable for straight hair with an inner buckle. Meanwhile, in order to reduce the generation of static electricity, the POVOS Pentium comb PR6228 is specially built with anion generator, which can release anion to care the hair more smooth and shiny.


Joyyum with good ABS material is adopted, safe and healthy, no peculiar smell and high and low-temperature resistance. Fresh milk-white body, with gold ornament in the control area, make the whole machine more textured. It is simple and light in shape, ergonomic in the holding position, smooth and comfortable in the grip.

Of course, in addition to the home at the heart of modeling, business travel, travel can also be taken used.