The Best Hairstyler for Women to Increase Volume of Hair - Hot Air Brush

The Best Hairstyler for Women to Increase Volume of Hair - Hot Air Brush


Since there are four hairdryer combs, holding them is like holding a maid of war changeover stick. With this wind comb, go out every day, blow and sculpt for 3 minutes. Save me 30 minutes to sleep!!

As a reliable wind comb, the first thing you can build is a hairdryer function, equipped with a set of wind nozzle, no problem a hairdryer. Outside key of independent country cold wind, first gear low heat and 2 files low heat are optional, thick and strong hair qualitative fairy can use first gear, thick and hard hair qualitative fairy can use 2 files.

Next is the modeling function! So!!!!!Today!!!!!Show an introverted face to show you how to use this Pentium style comb to shape long-distance temperament hairstyle:

  1. Mature and sexy

So that the hair is never Fried, when the hair is wet I will blow blow blow that proud pleasure.

However later use curl to comb fittings, can change the hair to curl by inside introversion, delimit key, these wind combs have negative ion to protect hair function, the negative ion that blow gives and water oxygen ion can make wool briar hair becomes supple, rise to protect hair effect. I want to model a more and more significant small roll the effect, can make stay slightly heat finalize the design, repeat a few times with aggrandizement effect next, even if such also can hurt a hair, also can reach certain protect hair effect. Figure 3 above curling irons out of nature too.

2.Charming goddess fan

Same, first will hair fingertip ground dozen wet, if be natural coil or not easy curl to pledge, propose to choose to spread with straight hairpin straighten, my hair does not belong to natural coil type by any means, because this is indirect, choose hair to comb, spontaneous root combs hair end slowly. The fairy that USES inclined hairpin is same, spontaneous root pulls hair end, here forced to say straight hairpin actually it also is comb, can let you pull hair at the same time messy coarse hair take care of obedient.

Hot air brush = never hurt hair curling iron + never hurt hair straight hair frame + protect hydraulic hairdryer + comb!